31 Days of Things You Should Know {Day 18}

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced is seeing one of my daughters in pain.  THANK GOD the physical pains have only been fleeting.  And the emotional pains haven’t lasted long either.

Raising girls is such a blessing.  And believe me when I say that I do NOT do it alone.  There is a village surrounding us both here in Flo Mo… and in Alpine… and afar.

I kind~a think one of my most precious jobs is to nourish these girls’ hearts. There is a world full of lessons for them to learn.  With every fiber of my being, I want their hearts to be secure.  Being secure, to me, means that you know the truth… about yourself.  And who loves you.

Which means that you should…

Listen.  You will probably have your feelings hurt.  It’s one of the ways that we grow.  Just don’t believe what they say.  Let it push you… stretch you… fire you up.

If you start to forget, sweet child, who you are… just ask the ones that love you the most.  They know the truth about you.  And they will be happy to remind you.

Just thought you should know.

Love Big, Mj

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